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Wakolda - The German Doctor

We are happy to announce our recent agreement with the prestigious agency Oticons for a worldwide representation.

Oticons is an European Film Composers Agency founded in 2010 by George Christopoulos and Stavros Platsis.

Oticons represent internationally acclaimed film music composers from all over the world, who provide music for Film, TV, theater, events and other media.

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Contact: George Christopoulos / Talent Agent

Andrés Goldstein & Daniel Tarrab have been invited to celebrate the 40º anniversary of the Ghent International Film Festival (Belgium)


This anniversary event is an initiative of Dirk Brossé, who asked forty world-renowned composers to compose a one-minute piece for Film Fest Gent, including international talents such as Angelo Badalamenti, Mychael Danna, Alexandre Desplat y Gustavo Santaolalla.

Andres & Daniel will attend to this “unique moment in film music history, an unforgettable event to look forward to,” as Dirk Brossé puts it.

“What better idea than to ask 40 composer friends to compose one minute of music for the 40th anniversary of Film Fest Gent? It’s a tempting yet extremely difficult task to tell a musical story in just 60 seconds. It’s like asking Michelangelo to decorate the back of a postage stamp with a miniature painting after he’d painted the Sistine Chapel. But film music composers can do it, and believe me, in just one short minute you can tell quite a lot!” (Dirk Brossé)


The german doctor (AKA Wakolda) chosen to represent Argentina for the Best Foreign Language Film Oscar!

See more info at Variety

The german doctor (AKA Wakolda) wins Saint Petersbursg Film Festival Audience Award!

Lucía Puenzo's latest film biggest winner at 2nd edition of UNASUR CINE Film Festival.

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Now available: Lucía Puenzo's Wakolda (AKA The german doctor) original soundtrack (by Andrés Goldstein & Daniel Tarrab).

World release of the CD by Quartet Records - Spain (includes songs by Warren Ellis & Dirty Three with Nick Cave)

See more at Quartet Records

Digital online version available on iTunes

Coming soon to Argentina!

Watch the backstage of the recording

Andrés Goldstein & Daniel Tarrab have been invited to join a historical concert at the Ghent International Film Festival (Belgium) with the most prestigious film music composers.

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40 minutes of music by 40 composers at the Ghent International Film Festival (Belgium)

Meet the directors who will attend the celebration

Daniel Tarrab and Andrés Goldstein composed the original soundtrack for Lucía Puenzo´s latest feature film, Wakolda, to be released in August, 2013. The film will take part in the Cannes Film Festival in the category Un Certain Regard.

Making of

Trailer 2

Trailer 1

Novel Wakolda from author Lucía Puenzo was published on May 31st 2011 in Argentina by publishing house Eméce/Planeta and in Spain by Duomo. German version of the book was published on August 22nd 2012 by publishing house Wagenbach. In the drama novel Wakolda author Puenzo tells a story of Nazi doctor Josef Mengele, who was in hiding in Argentine Patagonia.

In year of 1959 while hiding in Bariloche, Mengele gains trust of light-haired Lilith, who is very small for her age. Mengele continues his search for ‘clean race’ observing the twelve-years-old girl who is very pleased by the attention Mengele pays her and her body. When Mengele gets the idea to construct beautiful, blond and blue-eyed dolls using as his model European doll owned by Lilith, the girl reveals that she got the doll from a wizard. The doll is said to possess a magical skills; Wakolda.

Lucía Puenzo managed to combine Mengele’s twisted ideas with naivety of the little girl. Her story is not a critical one, it rather shows Mengele through his thinking yet without taking away his human emotions, which in fact makes him even more dangerous.


Wakolda is a true story of a family that offered shelter to Nazi Mengele without knowing his true identity, and a story of a girl who fell in love with one of the worst criminal minds of our time, the so called “angel of death”.


Actress Natalia Oreiro is in movie’s female leading role. Actor Diego Peretti, with whom Oreiro worked on their box-office successful movie Música en Espera from year 2008, is in male leading role. For Oreiro this movie is her eight feature film with leading role, yet it is her tenth movie overall.

  • Alex Brendemühl - Josef Mengele
  • Natalia Oreiro - Eva
  • Diego Peretti - Enzo
  • Florencia Bado - Lilith
  • Elena Roger - Nora Edloc
  • Guillermo Pfening - Klaus
  • Anita Pauls

General information

  • Genre: Drama / Thriller / Historical
  • Length: 90 minutes
  • Language: Spanish / German
  • Subtitles: Spanish
  • Director: Lucía Puenzo
  • Script: Lucía Puenzo
  • Production: Historías Cinematograficas / Wanda Visión / Dreamer Joint Venture Pyramide Productions / Hummelfilm
  • Producers: Luis Puenzo / Nicolás Batlle / José María Morales / Oliver Stoltz Fabienne Vonier / Gudny Hummelvoll
  • Music: Andres Goldstein & Daniel Tarrab
  • Cinema: Argentina - May 2013


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